Top Ten Reasons Why Grandma Should Buy an iPad

I happen to have an 86-year-old grandma who has been using a computer with great skill for many, many years.  She emails friends and family, surfs the web a bit (for what, I’m not sure), and even has a Facebook page.

The only problem is that she struggles with her Windows laptop.  It seems that every time I talk to her she is mentioning having problems with the computer.  Now it can be argued that user error is partially to blame, but therein actually lays the heart of my argument for why we should all be encouraging older generations towards purchasing the new Apple iPad.  I know not every Grandma out there is as technologically savvy as mine may be, but for those of you who have grandparents who are contemplating making a computer purchase in the near future, be sure to read my Top Ten Reasons Why Grandma Should Buy an iPad.

10.  The size and weight are perfect for using anywhere.  Grandma can recline in her favorite chair and watch a movie comfortably.

9.  Most retirees don’t need a lot of bells and whistles when it comes to software packages.  The iPad comes loaded with email and web browser capabilities, pretty much everything Grandma is going to need.

8.  Learning to use an iPad – or any Apple product, really – is so much easier than navigating a Windows machine.  User friendly is one of Apple’s top claims to fame.

7.  For the casual computer user, the iPad houses everything you need at a very affordable price for the basic 16GB WiFi model.

6.  Grandmas love to find things for free, and all of Apple’s stores – iTunes, iBooks, and the App Store – offer free downloads that Grandma will be sure to enjoy.

5.  The iPad touchscreen keyboard is large enough to not frustrate someone who is trying to type with it, but it also can be placed on a convenient keyboard dock.

4.  Apple support is free through the Genius Bar and has a high customer satisfaction rating.  If a problem does arise, it won’t cost Grandma hundreds of dollars just to get someone to look at her machine.

3. If it’s difficult for Grandma to get out and about, she will have easy access to movies, music, newspapers, books, and so much more.

2.  No need to worry about viruses and other malware that have little impact on Apple products.

1. Solitaire, Cribbage, Scrabble, Yahtzee, Bunco . . . the list of games available in the App Store for the iPad goes on and on.  Grandma is sure to find her favorite pastime for her cool, new iPad!

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